A Farewell to Arms

Posted by on June 1, 2015 in Featured | 0 comments

As you’ve probably figured out, I have decided to turn off the comments feature here at Creed Code Cult. While the site gets over 1,000 page views from 400+ unique visitors per day, I have found that, when left under-moderated, I can’t depend on some of the participants to maintain a civil level of discourse.

I have tried having others step in for me to pick up my slack, it hasn’t really worked out as well as I had hoped. It’s possible that I will find new management for the site someday, but for now it will remain as a resource for people to read the theological musings of a guy who was an Old School Presbyterian minister who, over the course of four years, became convinced that he should become a Catholic.

As for me, I’m around. You can find me at Heavy for the Vintage and at Drunk Ex-Pastors. While my days as an official apologist for the faith are over, my faith is still very much alive (albeit expressed differently nowadays).

It’s been a wild ride, and I’d like to say I will miss blogging at Creed Code Cult, but my feelings are mixed. I took a lot of abuse here, but I also handed out my share of it. In many ways the interaction I have had in these pages reflects the very best and very worst of me. To those I have offended, been impatient with, or smug toward, please accept my sincere apology. Grace should be received with grace, and I have received freely, and so desire to freely give.

One parting thought: When ideas eclipse people, and when being right obscures being loving, everyone loses. Love God and love your neighbor. This is the Law and the Prophets.

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