Recounting My Conversion to the Catholic Church

Two talks describing how I went from being a Presbyterian minister to seeking full communion with the Catholic Church. One was given in a pub at an event called Wine & Wisdom to around 30 young adults (which was especially fun because I was drinking ale while sharing my story), and the other was given at a conference with Scott Hahn (and the talk itself was completely impromptu — I was planning to speak on something else completely until he succeeded in changing my mind about ten minutes before I took the stage!).

Conversion Story – Holy Family Conference

Conversion Story – Wine & Wisdom

Called to Communion Interview

This is a podcast interview I gave at Called to Communion about my decision to resign from the Presbyterian ministry and join the Catholic Church.

CTC Podcast

Gospel Paradigms

A series of lectures given at Holy Family Parish in Kirkland, WA, in which I argue that a basic Catholic gospel paradigm does a better job than a basic Protestant one at accounting for the various New Testament teachings of Jesus, Paul, Peter, James, and John on topic like justification, faith, and good works.

1. Gospel Paradigms, Week One

2. Gospel Paradigms, Week Two

3. Gospel Paradigm, Week Three

4. Gospel Paradigms, Week Four

5. Gospel Paradigms, Week Five

The Epistle to the Galatians

A series of lectures given at Holy Family Parish in Kirkland, WA, in which we consider St. Paul’s gospel as well as the attacks against his message by his Jewish opponents.

1. Galatians, Week One

2. Galatians, Week Two

3. Galatians, Week Three

4. Galatians, Week Four

5. Galatians, Week Five

6. Galatians, Week Six

The Destiny of the Species

This series of lectures given at Holy Family Parish in Kirkland, WA, is based upon my forthcoming book. They focus on the fact that man is made in the image of God and therefore hardwired for heaven. Unlike Darwin’s claim in his Origin of Species, the biblical description of man is one in which he is not pushed by his past, but pulled by his future.

1. Pushed or Pulled?

2. The Chicken and the Egg

3. The Earthly Ties that Bind

4. From Eternity to Here

5. Apocalypse Eventually

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