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As many of Creed Code Cult’s regular readers have surely noticed, my participation here has been spotty of late. My writing output has dropped from once a week to once every two or three, and I have ceased participating in the comments portion of most threads. The reason for this is pretty simple: I am just really pressed for time. I have a full time job and a looming book deadline on top of that, and I just haven’t been able to give this site the attention it deserves. For that I apologize.

The prospect of shutting the site down, however, seems like a bad option. Our number of unique visitors each day ranges from a few hundred to almost a thousand, depending on how recently a new post has been uploaded. And each post routinely gets hundreds and even thousands of comments. Clearly there is an audience eager to engage in discussions about the theological issues dividing Protestants and Catholics.

So I came up with a plan. For the time being, I am handing over the reins of Creed Code Cult to a few men whom I respect and who have been participating here for some time: Jonathan Prejean, “Mateo,” and Nick. These guys will be in charge of posting new material, participating in the comments (which they do already), and moderating comments as they see fit. The upside to this is that not only will new material be posted more often, but commenters will be able to engage that material and discuss it with the person who actually wrote it. In short, this is a win-win for everyone.

I will stay on as a kind of sounding board or consultant, but I won’t have any direct involvement other than behind the scenes.

So stay tuned, and in the meantime, continue your discussions!


  1. Looking forward to the new book. Also looking forward to the new contributors.

  2. Are you open to topic suggestions? How about going right to Penal Substitution? The Law/ Gospel? Since Mary and the Eucharist have proven to be subjects that cannot be discussed civilly, what else is there?
    Sola Scriptura is sneezed off with, ” well, the depraved human mind can’t know truth anyway, Catholics can no more trust the Church than Protestants the Bible” so that is dead.

    How about a word or paragraph limit on posts? Some posts scroll 4 or 5 feet long! I know there is good stuff there but not staring into a computer screen.

    As for staying on topic, what about when a topic has run out or into an impasse? Beating a dead horse is as bad as jumping around from topic to topic.

    And how about some rules on what is appropriate language used? Since there are a myriad of blogs out there, all with either a Catholic or Protestant default position, I assume the Catholic one will be be assumed here, yes? Fairness, yes. No false ecumenism though. And no blasphemy tolerated against certain Catholic distinctives anymore. That would be nice and it would lessen the desire to retaliate in kind.

    Looking forward to the changes and really happy to see Nick come over. So, let the games begin.

  3. Great choice in guest blog hosts!

  4. Best wishes to Jason Stellman and his family! We are all rooting for you.

  5. Oh snap, Devin rose! Loved your latest book

  6. But the ideal is supposed to be win-win-win, per the Christian Worldview Conflict Resolution Handbook. You know, because of the Trinity and all.

  7. +JMJ+

    I haz a sad.

  8. Unsubscribe

  9. Excellent news.

  10. Good luck on your endeavors! It is a better thing to be too busy. 🙂

    Pax Christi,


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