The Christian faith has been described as being composed of three distinct, yet intimately related, areas of focus: Creed (what we believe), Code (how we live), and Cult (how we worship). Our purpose here is to consider the doctrine, spiritual life, and liturgical worship of Catholic Christianity through the lens of the New Covenant, according to which the age to come sacramentally intrudes the here and now, and the already is giving way to the not-yet.

A little about me: my name is Jason Stellman, I was born and raised in Orange County, California, and I have been a Christian since my high school years. My initial introduction to the Christian faith came through the Baptists’ AWANA youth program, but it was when I began to attend Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa that I became serious about my faith. I served as a missionary in Africa (’91 – ’92) and Europe (’94 – ’00), where I met and married my wife, Alida, in 1997.

We moved back to the U.S. in 2000 and became members of the Presbyterian Church in America where, after graduating from Westminster Seminary in 2004, I was ordained to the ministry of the Word and sacraments and called by the Pacific Northwest Presbytery to plant Exile Presbyterian Church in the Seattle area. During my time as a Reformed minister I wrote Dual Citizens: Worship and Life between the Already and Not Yet  (Ligonier, 2009), as well as numerous articles for theological magazines such as Tabletalk  and Modern Reformation.  I am also the author of The Destiny of the Species: Man, and the Future that Pulls Him  (forthcoming from Wipf and Stock Publications).

In the summer of 2008 I began to be challenged very seriously by the claims and theology of the Catholic Church, a struggle which I eventually lost. In June of 2012 I resigned from the ministry of the PCA, and I was received into the full communion of the Catholic Church on September 23rd of the same year.

Although I am now a layman and no longer an ordained minister, my desire to continue to speak, publish, and teach about the Christian faith is as strong as it ever was. My prayer is that Creed Code Cult  will provide for me a means to keep doing the things I love, thereby serving Christ and strengthening his people as we all seek his eternal kingdom together.

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